Best-of-the-aughts: a tribute to 2007

2007 stood out more so than any other year for films in the 2000s. I would rank it up there with 1999, which is referred to by movie experts as the “year that changed film.” There were so many good choices across a variety of genres. Even the Oscars stepped it up that year, harking back to the ’70s when they weren’t afraid to give awards to daring films. It only felt right to give 2007 its own post in this series.

The list is in alphabetical order.

1. American Gangster
Ridley Scott finally makes a gangster movie, with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe in the lead to boot.

2. The Bourne Ultimatum
The perfect ending to the trilogy that changed action movies for the better.

3. Eastern Promises
Viggo Mortensen is top-notch as a Russian hitman in this surprising crime drama.

4. Gone Baby Gone
Ben Affleck’s directorial debut. He more than proved himself with this complex kidnap thriller.

5. Grindhouse
I am so distraught every time I remember that I missed out on seeing this two-part ode to grindhouse cinema in theaters. The fake trailers in between Death Proof and Planet Terror would have been worth the price of admission alone.

6. Hot Fuzz
Genre-skewering at its absolute best. All action movies should take a lesson from Edgar Wright and company.

7. Into the Wild
Sean Penn proved he had legit directing chops and Emile Hirsch proved he was a true leading man.

8. Juno
Ellen Page spits out the biting dialogue like she was born to play the title character.

9.  Knocked Up
This movie is just so real. The Apatow gang are obviously familiar with each other, and it really shows on screen. You really believe that these guys are best friends. I know it’s technically more about the relationship with the two leads, but I really appreciate that aspect.

10. Michael Clayton
Another smooth-as-jazz turn from George Clooney. Tom Wilkinson and Tilda Swinton are wonderful as well.

11. No Country for Old Men
This neo-noir crime Western game of cat-and-mouse is the Coen Brothers magnum opus. Anton Chigurh, played by the menacing Javier Bardem, is arguably the most terrifying villain of the last 15 years.

12. Superbad
There are so many great quotes in this movie, but it is also a surprisingly sweet take on best-friendship and high school in general.

13. 3:10 to Yuma
This exhilarating Western starring Christian Bale and Russell Crowe was unfairly slept on in this packed year.

14. There Will Be Blood
Daniel Day-Lewis shows everyone else in the business how acting is supposed to be done in this film.

15. Zodiac
Criminally snubbed by the Oscars and movie-goers alike, David Fincher’s ode to ’70s political thrillers and serial killer movies was brilliant.

There were so many movies that I was not able to include in this post, whether it be because there was not enough room or I simply have not seen the movie. I would just like to give a shout-out to the first 20 minutes of I Am Legend, musicals, Gerard Butler’s abs, Dewey Cox, whoever created the robots in Transformers, and anything else great from 2007 films that I was forced to leave out. If you have any additions, complaints, or just general thoughts, comment at the bottom of the post.

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2 Responses to Best-of-the-aughts: a tribute to 2007

  1. micahfleming says:

    Great post- I agree that there were a bunch of great movies released that year. I think The Bourne Ultimatum was my favorite from 2007. I also agree with you that 3:10 to Yuma was a very underrated film

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