Best-of-the-aughts: making the final stand

With this being the last post in the best-of-the-aughts series, and the 10th and final post required for class, I decided to go all out on this one by including three years’ worth of movies. It was tough trying to whittle down the prospective films from the years 2000-2002, but I somehow managed to (although I cheated by including three more movies than I usually do).

As always, the list is in alphabetical order.


1. Catch Me If You Can
The first of many Spielberg films on today’s list. Leo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Christopher Walken are in top-notch form in this true story of a con artist.

2. City of God
This brutally honest, and strikingly gritty look at life in the favelas is shocking.

3. Gangs of New York
Is it possible for Daniel Day-Lewis not to steal a movie from his fellow actors, even if they are as talented as these are?

4. Minority Report
I absolutely love the premise of this film. Cops working to stop crimes before they are committed.

5. The Ring
I had nightmares about this movie for months after I saw it as a kid. Still the scariest movie I have ever seen (along with The Shining).

6. Road to Perdition
I don’t often talk about cinematography on these lists (which is a shame), but I feel the need to comment on the gorgeous camera work in this film.

7. 28 Days Later
This inventive film (fast zombies!!) changed the game of zombie movie-making completely.


1. Artificial Intelligence
The third Spielberg film on the list is the most heart-breaking of the three.

2. Black Hawk Down
The best war film since Saving Private Ryan. 

3. Ocean’s Eleven
The best heist film of the decade is oozing with coolness.

4. The Others
Just watch until the very end.

5. Moulin Rouge!
Extremely creative and visually eye-popping, this is one of my favorite musicals.

6. The Royal Tenenbaums
Somehow the first appearance of Wes Anderson in all of my lists. This film is the epitome of his quirky greatness.

7. Zoolander
The gasoline fight, blue steel, David Bowie, there are too many genius moments to count.


1. Almost Famous
The best work of almost everyone involved.

2. Gladiator
Maximus Decimus Meridius. Also, this.

3. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
This re-telling of The Odyssey showed the Coen Brothers at their comedic best.

4. Memento
Christopher Nolan burst onto the scene with this film that destroys conventional narrative techniques.

5. Remember the Titans
I will always watch this if it is on TV. I’m a sucker for high school sports teams overcoming their numerous obstacles.

6. Requiem for a Dream
This unnervingly great film about addiction happened to have one of the most memorable scores from any movie of the decade.

7. Snatch
Guy Ritchie doing what he does best. Multiple story lines, colorful characters, violent showdowns and biting dialogue are abundant.

2001 and 2002

1. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring/The Two Towers

I felt that separating or excluding these movies would be unforgivable, plus combining them helped give me the same amount of films for each year. About the movies themselves, the Lord of the Rings trilogy was the most epic project of the entire decade, and possibly ever. Peter Jackson pulled it off wonderfully.

The 2000s were quite a decade for film, with the explosion of interest in both blockbusters and independent movies. If you feel like I have left out any movies from these years, or any of the previous years in the series, let me know in the comments section. Although this is the 10th and final post that is due for class, I have a feeling that this will not be the last post I have make on here.

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2 Responses to Best-of-the-aughts: making the final stand

  1. Cindy says:

    Crazy aunt comments: the only ones I would add are Cast Away, Tom Hanks is awesome. To be the only person in the screen for much of the movie…well except for Wilson is a truly a gift. The other one is Pearl Harbor, I am a sucker for biographical movies and the special effects are amazing. Great job Logan!!

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